Letters of Support

No Surprises Campaign Letter to the Education and Labor and Ways and Means Committees

Tue, February, 11th, 2020

Members of the No Surprises: People Against Unfair Medical Bills, sent this letter to Capitol Hill in advance of committee consideration of legislation by the Education and Labor and Ways and Means Committees. No Surprises urges members to advance legislation that finally stops the heinous practice of surprise billing, protects consumers across all health plans and provider settings, and holds health care costs down. We believe that a fair, market-based benchmark payment rate, such as is included in the Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce, and HELP proposals, is the most efficient way to settle payment disputes while holding health care costs down for America’s families. We urge Education and Labor and Ways and Means members to work with members on the other committees of jurisdiction to finalize legislation as soon as possible.

Stay Up To Date

Now that the No Surprises Act protections are in effect, we continue to provide resources about the statute. See our resources tab to learn more about the new law and our efforts to keep it strong for consumers. You can also visit the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ website on the law for more information: https://www.cms.gov/nosurprises.

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Jane Sheehan, Director of Federal Relations